Women and Poker Part II – The Female Form of Exploitation

Some of the main hubs of poker are also the most sexualized cities in the United States, the name New Orleans and then later Las Vegas. These cities are absolutely oozing with sex, and yet this paper is not trying to make a moral argument that decrying these wild cities’ lifestyles, much like these images, has stuck to the game of poker itself. The two sexes, but all one sees, are the portrayal of partially disrobed women advertising poker sites. One only needs to log in to the internet and search for “Women and Poker” to have a dozen women bikinis pop up immediately.

In fact, yours truly did run a search for “women and poker”, and here are some of the surprising results. The 10 Most Tasty Poker Sites On The Web dominoqq:

-Pokerium Online Poker Room and Casino: The front page of this website is a model of good taste and restraint. Many of the searches yielded interesting results, but this website was ahead of the head and shoulders. Upon opening the home page one finds an illustration of a scantily clad brown-haired vixen with her hair in a flower (no real women were harmed during this design). The interesting part of this drawing is that she placed a huge ace of clubs inside. In the middle of the card, where the woman is located, lies a very large club, and the stem of said club just happens to be the center of the woman’s crotch. Although there is a not-so-subtle innuendo that is unintentional, we would not bet on it.

Our list of “Babes & Bounties” tours on To begin with, the title itself should be enough for most women poker players of the feathers. Then, the image used on the page is of a woman in a bikini top with money behind her. And finally, for those players who are sold by the middle of the picture, the site claims that “12 of the sexiest poker hostesses in the game” will be on the table at present. That’s a good thing too, because the most serious poker players are refusing to play with tournaments any less than 8 sexy poker hostesses. Finally, there is a picture of a woman on the left-hand side of the screen dressed in her rather unsupportive underwear with a laptop on the front. lying around her body. She is happily wearing a pair of flattering white high heeled shoes so that she can model her poker game at any moment. A truly classy website., an up and coming online card room, is another tastefully crafted website, with their new “Topless Bonus” for nothing to offend. The “Topless Bonus: The Shape of Things to Come” seems a stretch: with this promotion they will “top up” your account with a free 20% bonus. The Stingy Bonus does not only fall short of the 200% bonuses floating around on various sites, it also offends the eye. They advertise it with a small silhouette of a woman, hardly exposing anything. Why they chose to try and correlate with 20% of topless women is a mystery, but they surely went for it.

-Not to be outdone, Jungle Poker has its own female spokeswoman: none other than the lovely Cheynelle Fraser, a bartender / model who is now the official face of Jungle Poker. Why a poker site would be a sizzling hot model as a spokeswoman is a grand mystery. We suspect it is because of the photos of Cheynelle – which includes several excellent cleavage shots – that surely have everything to do with poker and nothing selling. Even though the site may be used to help promote the beautiful Cheynelle to their site, they are not just about T&A on their site: they have their heads up and Sit & Go tournaments, featuring two headshots of a man and a woman, both fully dressed, challenging each other to play a card game. Equality for Hurray!

-Europeans are no exception when it comes to using the female form of alluring images to help them sell their products. In a recent article published on, the author writes about the Great British Poker Tour, and the centerpiece image of this article is about a nude woman relaxing in a bathtub full of poker chips. It’s a good thing that they posted this picture, because nothing says Great British Poker Tour better than a woman bathing nude in poker chips.

Their rakeback ad on, which features a frightening illustration of a zombie woman in a corset, fishnet stockings, heels, and a short skirt Some playing cards that must have fallen off a tree. Although having the idea of ​​somebody.


Don’ts in Texas Hold’em poker

You are likely a poker player and understand this game is about winning. However,”where” you play Texas Hold’em and, most importantly,”the way” are the secrets to your successful acting career.

Texas Hold’em is played with the same situs poker pulsa live and online and also the same rules are applied for a player in an ordinary casino or card room when it comes to online poker player. Nevertheless there’s a gap between both and also that it includes the sum of money an individual can earn while still playing . Even if the online poker Card Rooms are very similar to reside ones, they’ve minor gaps such as:

– some may comprise”kill matches”

– a few have jackpots for high hands

– others feature bad beat jackpots

-“rack attacks” are a really interesting option too as several chips have been put apart from the kettle and whoever wins the next hand wins all those chips too.

Therefore, you must know poker secrets everywhere (live and online) to begin filling up your pockets with cash.

There’s a really modest proportion of winners in the poker (10-15percent ) of course in the event that you find yourself surprised here is why. There are many traps and openings within the awareness of online poker secrets. Deficiency of attention, attention, information and emotions such as fear of lack or need for winning, tension and enthusiasm causes these flaws.
Good internet poker is specially tough to play when the game lasts more. Here is some”not to do” advice:

1. Do not go back when you receive beat a couple times! You have to understand when to quit playing , in case you opt to keep after several defeats, keep your head up and think before you act.
Many online poker players forget the reason they play along with, because they loose a few timesthey think their best of luck has come to an end.

2. Do not loose your mood! It is just an online poker game and should you start to forget that you simply enjoy playing think no more than the money than Texas HoldCeltics is not for youpersonally.

3. Playing awful a few times each month can set you back significantly more than you really win try to minimize your losses! A fantastic portion of your winnings can be lost due to of short-term bad luck or because of immaterial days on your life once you couldn’t get a grip on your emotions. Whenever you begin losing stop playing and don’t be distressed to win one great hand at the purchase price of losing ten others.

4. Learn decent poker and try to cheat less! A few poker players have become competitive and play with loose, but decent poker players may beat anyone. Learning internet poker secrets about Texas Hold’em may offer a player more certainty than the usual hint or a bluff.

5. Don’t be concerned if you are under funded! There are very few that have a good bankroll. While playing with Texas Hold’em most players have loans and return the debts they need to other players and they actually play at high internet poker limits.

6. Don’t neglect your own life style, sleep periods, appearance or your loved ones because of online poker! Spending too much time playing Texas Hold’em isn’t healthy. It’s good to learn internet poker secrets and also do business, however, perhaps not all of the time. Many poker players forget in their personal lifetime and mix pleasure with annoyance. They get hooked on playing internet poker at such a high degree they spend entire days in front of their computer. They smoke and neglect to exercise. They get so tired that they start making mistakes and loose cash. Then everything goes back. So, don’t get carried away while playing Texas Hold’em!

Now that you know where you can play Texas Hold’em (meaning online as it can help more in this manner ) and since you found some internet poker secrets, then you can begin playing be more safe. Texas Hold’em isn’t an easy match, but with all the ideal guidance and analyzing its own inherent features one can earn a fortune and risk very little while doing it. Internet poker can be both rewarding and fun if done correctly.

Controlling Your Poker Bankroll

If you are only starting now to play with poker or you have played with it before, you should understand that one of the main things you could learn about poker and generally gambling is the way to keep hold your bankroll. In short, a bankroll can be the gambling money, the specific amount which you’ve reserve for the gaming, which, in this case, is playing internet poker. The quickest and simplest way to acquire deep in debt because of your poker games is to shed track of your bank roll and also to continue playing whenever you no longer have money in your bankroll, then aside from your pockets.

Together With Your Pkv Games Bankroll Wisely

Before you begin playing with your favorite internet poker game, first on your agenda is to determine how much you’re likely to put aside for this particular round of online pokergame. If you like playing continuously, then it’s far better to spend money on your own poker bank roll for daily. In this manner, you will be aware of how much you ought to be spending your poker match, and you’ll certainly be cautious when deciding what tables to combine. Focusing on just how far you are only allowed to shell out for a particular poker day will provide you an concept of what betting table to play . If you wish to continue playing at least a number of hours, then you’ll be conservative on your own betting. Using your own poker bankroll wisely will allow one to enjoy your on line poker matches for far longer than you can imagine.

Bear in mind that the longer time you’ve got money in your bankroll, the more opportunities you have of winning poker matches. In the event you eliminate all of your cash on the first game or after just two or three games, you can’t ever return straight back, and you can never catch the opportunity to win some poker match for the rest of your day. On the other hand, in case you maintain a close watch in your own bankroll and only play within your way, you may win a couple of games within the day. Authentic, your winnings may not be as large as you had expected; but winning poker still constitutes bringing dwelling few bucks at the close of the afternoon. Learning how to operate together with your bankroll could indicate that you simply have the proper selfcontrol necessary in gaming, however, you might keep enjoying your own poker games longer.

4 Reasons Why Betting Online Is Better Than Going To Vegas

No one is suggesting there is anything better than going to a Vegas vacation. After all, being married by Elvis or being serenaded by Wayne Newton has its own charms. However, a lot of men and women make the error of supposing that Vegas is gambling-or more specifically, that the only reason to visit Vegas could be due to the gambling. No, Vegas is known to be the Entertainment Capital of the World, not to being the best city for gaming fun. In fact, that you do not even have to leave your home if you’d like to bet at the major leagues. Online betting is just as fun as live gaming and provides such advantages within gaming in Vegas:

Inch. Faster Games

Internet poker plays even faster than live poker. That you do not have to await card shuffling, processor counting or competitions taking their sweet time. Additionally, it requires a great deal of time for you to obtain all dressed up and parked in your Vegas leasing car. Internet poker makes the experience easy and gives you twice as much gaming action.

2. Anonymity

The Internet is notorious for domino online anonymity trendy and in gambling action it keeps things far more interesting. When some may prefer playing with card matches personally to be able to look for informs, others enjoy the anonymity factor and can play a lot more hours rather than they’d feel comfortable in person. Second, some intelligent players actually use anonymity for their advantage and create a deceptively friendly name (perhaps even athletic a lady ID) hoping to make use of other players’ prejudices and overconfidence. But if you’re captured card counting the worst that could happen is you get disconnected from the site. The worst-case scenario for card-counting personally is that you get the stuffing beaten out of you by Laurence Fishburne.


If you don’t gambled for a long time on end-in person-and next to mafia kings and dirty cowboys, then you probably have what is called a”tell.” Experienced poker players consistently look for the”tell”, which is a person’s psychological or physical giveaway about what kind of hands they’ve. Online gaming masks this anxiety, enabling good poker players that educate too much, a distinct advantage.

4. Precise Chip Counts and Notes

Gambling online enables you to have instant access to chip counts. Unlike live poker, then there is no estimating or asking how your stack measures as much as your competitors. You might also choose as many notes as you need concerning the behaviour of other players and the computer opponents. Time to float! Online poker has significant benefits over live poker and playing doesn’t even require buying a $1,000 airfare and hotel booking!


Gambling Tip – The Importance of Bankroll

I’ve talked and written about the four substances necessary to be a prosperous gambler. They are bank-roll, knowledge, currency management and discipline.

Discipline is easily the most crucial in the long run. It’s the capacity to walk a winner or with minimal reductions. However, before you are able to use knowledge of the match, money management methods and discipline, it all starts with bank roll judi online.

The majority of individuals will scratch whatever dollars they are able to and genuinely believe that fortune, regulation of averages or any other ridiculous notion will make them a success. It will not happen like that.

A little bankroll causes you to play fearful and you will create decisions that match with your deficit of cash. A small bankroll is such a drawback which you end up making motions merely to stay in the video game instead of making the most of those beating your house once you strike a excellent cold or hot series.

As an example, let’s mention a bet calls for putting or taking odds and that you don’t have enough dollars to doit. Therefore you merely make the flat wager. The wager wins but look exactly what a lack of basketball has done to you. It changed your drama also caused one to shift an appropriate betting decision because you did not have the correct bankroll.

You’ll find two main reasons why most gamblers move down the tubes. Deficiency of a loss limit and deficiency of the win purpose. All these are determined by your own bankroll.

A loss limit is actually a limit that you put on what your losses will undoubtedly be to get a specific evening, game or table. It’s the limitation you simply lose. There is a constant bet down to your last processor.

A session should last until your win goal is accomplished and also your reduction limit is reached. After you reduce that predetermined amount that the play is all over.

Loss limits will absolutely get rid of the possibility of going bankrupt. A 50% reduction limitation ought to be utilized but no further than 60 percent. This implies I will lose anywhere up to 60% but not transcend it. My buy in is typically $3000, so I won’t ever draw down more than $1800. The reason you require more cash with you than you personally put in an increased risk is always to expel playing with scared money. If you are enticed to play with the extra money afterward you’ve got no discipline. You may make losing limitation diminished although not below 25%. You provide up your recovery strength the longer you reduced your loss limit.

Whenever you’re losing that you do not need to await the exact portion to be contacted quit. When I’m shedding a certain position and can not get moving I understand I’m in the incorrect spot and package it in at under my loss limitation.

Just as important like a loss limit may be the win target. This can be the sum of cash you set because the target you want to accomplish.

This triumph goal must be put until your very first guess, maybe not after you buy in advance. It must be set onto your own starting bankroll same as the loss limitation. I typically place my triumph goal at 20 percent but never over 30%. That is not saying that I cannot acquire significantly more than that 20 percent or 30 percent. When I reach my goal I shall continue playing before I have a losing shooter. I will continue provided that I’m nevertheless breaking or winning even.

The win objective is simply a spot you would like to reach after which make sure your profit to get your own semester.

Win aims must be created little, so we are able to reach these readily, then go to the bigger returns.

We have to accept the simple fact gambling is really a challenging business and that winning smaller amounts frequently is much better than often going for that large hit. We have our big days nevertheless the main thing is to diminish losses. In the event you adhere to the currency direction, wisdom and discipline methods presented in the different Benson approaches you may notice how much longer your own bankroll will stay busy. As long as you might have that bank-roll to compete, you are a threat to the casinos.

Leonard Benson is a professional gambler and also instructor living in Las Vegas for the past 30 years. He based The Leonard Benson Company at 1988. It’s thought to become the planet’s biggest company of gambling pros. To Learn More visit his website


Play Safe Online Poker

Online poker websites are the latest rage on the internet for enthusiasts where you can play with poker for free. It is good for newbies to check games out instead of going to a genuine casino. It is also much more economical as stakes are low, therefore playing such games is easier on the pocket. Poker games are now very popular and you will find many sites which focus just on this specific game.

Why Play Online

If you would like to play poker on the internet it’s easy now, in the event that you’re interested in the overall game.

*There are a lot of websites that offer the game on the web and you can pick a safe site which guarantees that a pleasing experience without dangers of fraud.

*In traditional casinos that the stakes might be too high for players that do not want to shell out too much on the match.

*Thus lots of varieties of the game are offered you will be enticed to play no matter what your motivation.

*Online poker was legalized in most countries.

*Most internet poker web sites have certification from major auditing businesses and betting commissions.

*Playing on the internet can boost your skills at poker by assessing your opponents’ strategy, where you can also exercise your playing style. Reading your competitors’ style can teach you bluffing and betting customs. Switching fashions can also assist in developing your strategy of drama . A good player can become a great player and a beginner will acquire new expertise. Free poker matches can help you hone your skills with the free software. Your fellow players are somewhat more friendly and prepared to inform you because the game isn’t too serious. You may also learn patience and the capability to learn your opponent. Once you have gained experience you are able to play money.

*Websites offering poker games have anti inflammatory collusion software which looks in to the hand history of former players to reduce fraud.

*Many internet poker rooms teach beginners the steps to play with the game and also the chance to practise their skills without risking money.

Variety Of Poker Rooms

There are always a number of poker rooms readily available on the web which provide entertaining selections for players to pick from.

*Party Poker: This really is one of the most well-known rooms for UK residents and has advanced capabilities and uses pounds sterling.

*Foreign Poker: This match features great tournaments and it has terrific advantages for winners.

Decision Titan Poker: they’ve situs judi online terbaik the very best bonuses and user friendly computer software.

*Full Tilt Poker: This match has a range of options for players and is popular.

Decision Captain Cook’s Poker: There are a variety of limitations and games out of 1 dollar without any constraints.

*Pacific Poker: This site provides safe internet poker and is just a reliable site among players. It features a number of poker games, including non and downloadable downloadable variants. You may also talk with other players adding to a delight.

Whenever you play online poker you have to be careful in choosing a site which is protected and safe and well known. The applications of casinos fluctuates and the very best websites have regular auditing in their payouts from certified auditing firms. Friendly customer service that’s available always is another quality of the legality and safety of a gaming site. Once you’re confident of a poker internet site you may relish your game and maybe even become a professional participant.


Sports Betting System – Why You Need One

The entire world of sports betting has been around for ages. But the most successful punters have adopted various varieties of gambling – known as’systems’. These systems have been developed and honed through time mainly coming in different kinds of gaming. Here is a guide to a number of the most commonly used gambling systems.

Parlay System

The Parlay System has the effect agen bola‘ your own profit. Pyramiding is a parlay wager whereby the first bet plus winnings are placed on consecutive wagers. Widely utilised in horse betting, you create the bet & if you win all the money it’s reinvested in your second bet. This technique does require a good run and amazing odds in order to make it lucrative and as such it is perhaps not commonly used as a Sports Betting System. Nevertheless it could, in case a good streak is achieved on good odds, with a reasonable starting bet, bring in a few lucrative money.

Within this system you double your bet each and every time to cover each loss. Can signify investing ridiculous large sums of cash, just to observe effects. The process is that you just make your bet and should you lose – you then double your bet, lose again and you also maintain doubling the bet complete until you triumph. Then you go back to the initial wager price and begin the cycle again. Has very small long-term success rate in betting. Nevertheless it requires to be performed on even bets therefore rarely used in sport except when done for just one team – one team cant lose 10 + times in a row ? This System needs a top bank balance to start with and will not acquire you lucrative levels of money in exchange unless the odds are phenomenal. It is sometimes applied by less-experienced betters as a Sports betting system, but it is a desperate system in that you will never recover your initial bet.

Paroli System

The system would be the reverse of the Martingate system. In this case you double your stakes everytime you win. This system demands detailed prior preparation and also strict preserving this preparation. To get started with you establish your starting amount and the series limit. This is going to depend upon the odds in the match and your money reservations. The System could be effective provided that you don’t lose your inhibitions and continue on a run beyond your own limit. Maintain the limitation non so that you don’t over stretch yourself. But by keeping the chain limit low and investing in considerable money because of this doubling up of stakes it could be elevated risk and also for limited cash. It ought to be about 50/50 bet or close enough to be worth it and as such is not used regularly as a sports betting system. It can win you good money if have fortune though.

Oscar’s Grind

This can be a pursuit type sequence that could succeed with patience and luck. Within this method you bet one unit in an even money bet, in case you lose you place the following bet of the identical amount; triumph and also the arrangement ends there. The procedure takes into account you will lose money to start with, and you maintain gambling the exact level until you score a win. Now in the event that you’re in profit you then stop and return to beginning. If not you improve your bet after which keeping gambling at new unit price and soon you win. When you’ve struck a profit then stop, if not increase bet by one unit. You will bet just enough to give you a accumulative profit of one particular unit. Short to medium term run will allow you to profit. But a long haul will give you a better loss!

In the present athletic bets, luck is inadequate for its most notable gamblers and since a result more technical however effective Betting Systems have come into playwith. One of them, arguably the planet’s most successful may be your John Morrison System…

The John Morrison System

The well known John Morrison System is currently fast becoming the very best sportsbetting System in the world, which makes other systems all but obsolete when betting on NBA, MLB and NFL matches. But overseas readers shouldn’t be put off by the fact it merely concentrates on US sport. Due to the internet and emergence of internet betting now you can place these stakes on the web from the united kingdom, Australia, France or anywhere in the world. The device feeds off a whole raft of up to date statistics for example past year recordings, currently players and team form, and a lot of other variables in order to figure out that a’safer’ bet.

The result is that his strategy can be enormously consistent in regards to winning and so the rewards can be immense.

4 Free Blackjack Basic Rules for Winning at the Casino!

In this special article, I will teach you blackjack tips that you can follow to make winning easier and lessening your losses. Finally, the best way to win at black jack is card counting, but I will share some simple strategies and ideas for making more money here:

Free basic blackjack rules # 1 – If you are holding an 8, 9 or 10 in your hand and the dealer has drawn a 2, whatever you do not fold! The blackjack dealer has a greater chance of not being eliminated and receiving more cards than you. Don’t fall for that trick!

Free basic blackjack rules # 2 – Don’t get sucked into buying blackjack insurance. You should only use blackjack insurance if you are 20 or 21. That’s it, it is less worth it and you will end up losing more money with this bet.

Free basic blackjack rules # 3 – This is probably one of the qq online most controversial techniques, but it works anyway. I say hit in the 16’s. You have that little advantage of hitting a small card, giving you 20 or 21. Otherwise, you can lose without having that extra chance of getting 16.

Free basic blackjack rules # 4 – If you hit two of the same cards, I mean splitting the cards into two games, but never go further into 3 or more games. If you end up losing 2 bets when you split into 2, you lose a lot of money. If you do it a third time, it can kill your bankroll by dividing it into 3 games.

Another thing I recommend is that you download my PDF report on Killer Gambling Secrets! Inside, I release strategies, tips and advice on casino games to make more money and it’s free!


Build Successful Online Betting Strategy

Probably most folks think each day just how to earn additional money in their spare time. Now there is no magic bullet to fulfill pockets, so everyone else chooses their particular way. I will attempt to explain you an universal means of earning more money. It foundations on chance, fortune and certain knowledge – sports betting. Within this guide will attempt to explain how to construct a correct plan for sports betting.

Sports Bettings Basics

When it comes to online poker online we could say that gambling on football matches will be definitely the most fascinating part of internet betting. For people who are professionally engaged for this specific, betting is really a fantastic method of making extra cash. Gradually observations on the other football team could become a moneymaking machine.

To own success with internet gaming, you have to first assemble a strategy to be followed rigorously. Consistently stick to a fundamental rule – don’t bet more than you can afford to shed. This could be the simple rule on internet gaming and applies not merely on sports but also in virtually any other internet entertainment. Successful strategy is dependant on good understanding of the rules of the match. We suggest that you read the terms and conditions of use. Most bookmakers provide different kinds of bonus, but usually you will find various conditions for obtaining – welcome bonus, original deposit bonus, second deposit bonus and several others. Additionally assess the alternatives for withdrawal and deposit. The next thing is to track the performances of your favorite team. We encourage you to go into the official site and read the most recent news. Whether there are injured or penalized team players probably will not handle well. View numbers for team matches passed, it will provide you with a very clear idea about the state of the group.

Furthermore check the condition of the competition. Checkout exactly what is the status of players – injured, penalized, etc..

There are cases in which team focused on some match and not paying considerable attention to this upcoming football game. Some times managers prefer to help keep the players not to set them in a game which can impact a successful plan. These factors have to be considered before making a bet on the match.


A Beginners Guide to Playing Poker

Poker is one of the hottest games being played across the globe at the moment. The popularity of the game has now reached so high to the level at which people have even started playing poker for a career. But let’s not get that carried away at the moment. Through this column, we are going to first lay out the rules and guidelines for playing this match. If you know just how to play with this game then that is probably not for you personally but for all you beginners, this could be your ideal platform to kickstart your assignment because you input into the vast arena of pokergame.

To start with, then situs judi qq online terpercaya are lots of variations of poker however, the rules stay constant in whichever type of poker you decide to playwith. So let’s begin with the assignment of the poker game. Every poker match needs a deck of cardspreferably a new deck so that they are liberated from any forlds or damaged edges as these little differences can give the individuality of this cardgame. Naturally, if you had been playing online then this is not crucial. You may hold your own cards and this is known as your poker hand.

The purpose of poker is to get the best hand possible one of all the other players around the desk. This could be achieved in two ways, the initial one clearly being you actually have the best hands on the table, this can be determined by the heirachy of this card set laid out, or you might make everyone believe that you do have the best hands on the table. This moment one being the one that is tough yet, if mastered correctly, you could turn out to be rather successful in poker. The principles of poker say which the highest poker hand wins the game and takes away all of the bucks and thus bluffing folks to feel that you have the maximum hand can prove to be a dangerous risk but a very important risk when you can certainly do it accurately.

Below are a few of the few factors that you will need to consider because you’re a newcomer to the game.

1. The word’test’ is used whenever you bet zero without sacrificing attention into the game accessible.

2. If you were to enhance the stakes in line with the poker rules, this usually means that you’re making a monetary bet that’s higher compared to bets which are already set on the table. If other players wish to still stay in the game, they’d either need to coincide with the bet which you’ve increased it they would need to further raise the bet too, which may indicate that you would also have to do further.

3. ‘Call’ is that if you create the identical bet as one other player before you and also this also would allow you to still stay in the game.

4. ‘Fold’ is the word you would use while you want to forfeit the match and your chance at winning the cash. You’d usually contact this when your competitor has raised the bet and you cannot match theirs’ anymore or you also understand their cards are better than yours.

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