Bill Waterhouse: Australian Bookmaker

The 1954 Epsom Day established the livelihood of book-maker Bill Waterhouse, that continued the family’s rich heritage in Australian horse racing. Throughout his years as students, he chose to behave like a bookmaker’s clerk together with his own dad by 1938. Regardless of being a barrister at 1948, Waterhouse abandoned the profession as a way to pursue a fulltime livelihood for a book maker after the untimely passing of his brother, Charles, also became the pinnacle of their Waterhouse racing dynasty.

Waterhouse’s interests long to reporting and journalism at which he also wrote a regular column for  link cmd368 The Daily Telegraph, the Sun, and ran their own racing paper, The Referee. ‘Big Bill’ builtup a terrific presence in Melbourne to get decades, representing the Sydney gaming ring.

From the 1960s,” Waterhouse matched himself against giant punters just like the’Hong Kong Tiger’ Fred, that included into the popularity currently won by the Waterhouse family, which makes’Big Bill’ the largest satchel swinger on the planet. The giant punters failed to frighten Waterhouse at all, losing $ 1million in 1968, using all the press charging him that the biggest champions in the planet. Bookmakers have consistently had to compete with accusations of rigging, and substitutions, also Waterhouse had his fair share of controversy you start using a doping episode throughout the Melbourne Cup in 1969 which included co-favourite Big Philou. Nevertheless, that the book maker was rid of some offenses by AJC officials that demonstrated he wasn’t taking care of the race.

Together side his child, Robbie, Waterhouse was included from the Fine Cotton event, where yet more that the AJC reversed their bookmakers’ permits, alleging that your family had’prior knowledge’ of this Fine Cotton ring-in. His book maker’s permit had been reinstated in 2002 where at age 80 he came straight back again to show his commerce into grandson, Tom Waterhouse, that as a team went onto eventually become the greatest on-course bookmakers at 2007 and 2008 for example Sydney Turf Club’s most advanced book-maker award in 2004.

Besides being a thriving book maker, Waterhouse can be a astute business man with a thriving real estate industry, building the very first strata-tilted domiciles in New South Wales as well to some hotelier’s permit. His foray into the small business community includes mining and also the setup of international gaming stores. As the amount of money keeps rolling through the gambling ring, Waterhouse still finds the time to function as Honorary Consul-General to the Kingdom of Tonga, a situation he gained owing to his friendship with all the heir to the throne of Tonga throughout his days in Sydney University’s Law School. Undoubtedly, there has been instances when’Big Bill’ has turned over more compared to the bag.

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