Tips on Super Bowl Betting

It’ll be Super Bowl Sunday soon! Super Bowl XLIV will occur on February 7 of 2010 at the Dolphins Stadium in Miami, Florida. Miami has hosted the Super Bowl nine other times. This will also be the last analog television broadcast of the Super Bowl. A 30-second advertisement during the game will cost a whopping $3 million, which is a record for a television program best betting site philippines.
While you prepare your Super Bowl spread, maybe it’s time to think about another spread – a point spread. For millions of Americans, the Super Bowl is the only event on which they dare to place a bet. Betting is easy; and here are a few tips to get you started
· Know a little bit about point spread betting. It works quite differently from the fixed odds betting that most people have in mind when they bet. A spread is a range of outcomes for the event that you are betting on, and the bet you place will be based on the spread of the event. Someone may say that Team A is giving five points to Team B, but in actuality, they are saying that Team A has to win by at least five points against Team B in order to successfully beat the spread. If they are able to win by five points or more then the bettors who placed their bets on Team A will make a profit; however, if they win by less than five points or do not win at all, those that placed bets on Team B will take home the money.
· If betting makes you think shady characters in dark alleys, think again. Ever since the advent of the internet, betting has become sophisticated and professional. Go to a top betting website to find an online bookie. The upside of betting online is that you can get big bonuses for your bets!
· If you don’t know where to start, do a Google search on sports betting to find online bookies who are taking bets on the Super Bowl. To find out which bookie happens to give the biggest payouts, sign up with an online sports betting community to get the latest information. They not only rate the sports booking sites, they also give out bonuses to their members!
· If you must side bet, place a side bet on something “normal,” like which side will score first. Placing a bet on “What song will play during halftime” is just too much of a risk. Bet “safe”. Do your research on the season’s favorites and use their recent play to determine which side shows the most promise. If you haven’t done your research, you might not be able to win a point spread bet. Start with the smallest acceptable entry point for placing a bet. Betting big is a big no-no; your child might not like it much if you blew his chance for an education on a Super Bowl Sunday.

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